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runaway baby dancefit routine cover photo

Dance Fitness: Runaway Baby

Here’s a fun, simple but high impact dance fitness routine. I was already feeling tired when filming this video and for some reason, I get a little shy when someone else is in the room especially taking a video of me doing the dance routine or just taking a video of me in general. That’s …


Dance Fitness: Let’s Get Loud

Let’s dance, get fit and have fun! Here’s a video of me doing a cha cha cha dance fitness routine. This video was taken I believe 2 or 3 years ago. I’m not gonna lie but I cringe when I watch this video of myself. This is when I was still a new instructor and …


Do The Workout Challenge

Here’s a workout challenge for you to try. If you don’t have a jump rope, you can change it to ice skaters, or pretend you have a jump rope and do the workout. What you’ll do is to do the whole workout listed below then rest for about 1 minute. Do this 3x or if …

Spell Your Name Workout

  Need some workout ideas? Try this Spell your Name Workout. What you’ll do is to spell your name (first and last name) and for each letter, do the workout. Repeat 2x if necessary. You got this!