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What The Heck Is Mindful Eating?

So you’re taking steps to make healthier choices with your diet, and are making sure you are getting exercise each day. But are you practicing mindful eating?

You may be asking …

“What the heck is mindful eating?”


According to Psychology Today:

“Mindful eating involves paying full attention to the experience of eating and drinking, both inside and outside the body. We pay attention to the colors, smells, textures, flavors, temperatures, and even the sounds (crunch!) of our food. We pay attention to the experience of the body.”

Today’s Dietician also states that:

mindful eating is the key to losing or maintaining weight. The core principles of mindful eating include being aware of the nourishment available through the process of food preparation and consumption, choosing enjoyable and nutritious foods, acknowledging food preferences nonjudgmentally, recognizing and honoring physical hunger and satiety cues, and using wisdom to guide eating decisions.”

Mindful eating is easy to put into practice. Simply slow down, chew more, enjoy the food and company. All it takes is making sure that you are intentional with your food consumption.

In addition to the weight loss benefits, some studies show that we absorb more nutrients when our food is adequately broken down in our mouth, before digestion. In an article about mindful eating U.S. News states:

“The more you chew, the more nutrients you will absorb. Considering we eat to nourish our bodies, this is an important point to make. If you properly chew your food, it will be digested and metabolized more effectively.”

Mindful eating can also help you enjoy your food more. Take the time to savor the various flavors and textures as you chew. Many times our hectic lives lead us to rush through a meal without ever taking the time to truly appreciate our food.

Adding mindful eating to your healthy lifestyle can be an excellent way to complement your existing habits. It can help you lose weight and help you to enjoy your food more than ever before.

Mindful eating can also help you enjoy your food more. Take the time to savor the various flavors and textures as you chew so you can truly appreciate your food. #mindfuleating #habits Click To Tweet

Give it a try and see how you feel.

Remember that change starts with YOU!

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