Hi, I’m Pauline. I’m a certified Group Fitness Instructor and Wellness Coach based in San Francisco Bay Area.

I believe that taking care of our health and well-being is the real wealth of our life which enables us to do and be anything we want. If we do not take care if it, we cannot succeed in living life happily and free.

My mission is to empower and motivate women to beat the sedentary lifestyle and start taking charge of their health and well-being and making positive lifestyle changes for themselves and their families so they can feel and be their best.

Pauline’s story:

 After years of taking different courses from various nursing/healthcare-related schools and working different jobs, Pauline found her passion in group dance fitness and decided to become a fitness and wellness professional. She then realized how exercise and self care can make a huge impact to our health and well-being and she wants to help and inspire others to feel and be their best.

Aside from spending her days  teaching group classes,creating, designing and writing for Living FitWell, Pauline is currently studying to get her Nutrition, and Personal Training certifications. 

Other than that, Pauline is an ambivert gal who likes to re ad,dance, learning new things, catching up with friends or just enjoy having “me time”.