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Why You Should Cool Down After Exercise

Why Cool Down Is Important and You Should Do It After Exercise.

Ahh…Cool down; my favorite part of the workout. It’s when I know that I’m almost done after an intense workout and I feel a lot better too! But did you know that most people forget or even skip this part? I know this because I see it every time when I’m at a gym or when I teach a group fitness class.

Why Cool Down Is Important and You Should Do It After Exercise PhotoThere could be many reasons why most people skip the cooldown (even the warm-up), they’re either too lazy to do it, running out of time, don’t feel like wasting time or just simply don’t know the importance of cooling down.

Please don’t be those people who skip cool down. Here’s a basic or beginner’s guide to Cool down and why you shouldn’t skip it.

What Is A Cool Down?

A cool down is one of the important elements of an exercise. It is an easy exercise that is done after an intense workout which allows your body to gradually return to its resting or normal state. It helps to reduce muscle soreness and risk of injury.

Why Is It Important?

Cool down is important for many reasons such as it allows the body to gradually return to its resting/normal state, it cools your body temperature,it prevents fainting or dizziness,it reduces muscle soreness and stiffness, and prevents venous pooling of blood

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How To Cool Down After A Workout

Cooldown exercise typically lasts about 5-1o minutes. When you’re done with your workout, your breathing, heart rate, and body temp are up (and fast) so you’ll want to gradually slow your pace and have your body, breathing, heart rate return to its resting state.

Here are some examples of  cool down exercise:

Static Stretching such as shoulder stretch, calf stretch, hip flexor stretch, quad stretch.

You can also mimic the activity that you did on your workout but in but in a lower impact, speed or intensity.


Summary: For a safe and effective workout, always remember to cool down.

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